Armoury Department

      NITRO LTD is fully licensed company for import, export, transfer and broker activity with weapons, items and technologies which are classified as dual-use by the Defense-Related Products and Dual-Use Items and Technologies Export Control Act. According this Bulgarian law also we have a National Permit for Trade in Arms, Explosives, Munitions and Pyrotechnics.
     The Company is working together with Bulgarian and foreigner partners from EU, USA and other countries. We supply and produce arms, arms-parts and accessories incl. all AK-based rifles, hand grenade-launchers HGL-13™ and develop equipment for weapon producing, incl. barrel rifling machines up to 9 mm (0.38″) caliber; horizontal assembling and riveting press machines for all type small caliber arms, repairing and control instruments, etc. We also have been working on an engineering, development and management of manufacturing projects for Bulgarian and foreign customers


Supplying of all types small- and big caliber fireguns, army surplus and new production:

Supplying of all types armory vehicles, tanks, self-propellant: howitzers, guns, anti-aircraft guns and missile systems, army surplus and new production.

Supplying of all types aircrafts incl: airplanes, helicopters, UAV and all types spare parts and armament for these.

Supplying of all types of munitions – small and large caliber rockets and accessories for weapons, military surplus and new production.

Production of gun parts and gun-producing equipment.

Production of HGL-13™ hand grenade-launchers:

The Hand Grenade-Launchers HGL-13™, HGL-13I™, HGL-13M™ and HGL-13IM™ are designed on the base of Russian anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-7V and are intended for tanks, self-propelled artillery, armored vehicles and manpower destroying. They are designed and produced by Nitro Ltd. by new technology, becoming lighter, ergonomically and therefore more efficient.

The differences between RPG-7V and HGL-13™:

  1. Technology of producing: HGL-13™ is produced by new, more modern technology;
  2. Weight: HGL-13™ is lighter more than 0,6 kg than RPG-7V;
  3. Technology of the thermo-hardening and galvanic covering: The new technology of carbonitriding in practice assures a very strong surface of the body and life-long anticorrosion protection;
  4. Ergonomics: HGL-13™ is more ergonomic in use, especially the model HGL-13IM™

Designing, engineering and managing of producing projects:

We also have been working on a development and management of manufacturing projects for Bulgarian and foreign customers. Concerning these projects we could be helpful of our partners in the following fields:

  1. Production of miscellaneous modifications of AK assault rifles
  2. Production project of HGL-13 hand grenade-launchers – our analog of the anti-tank grenade-launcher RPG-7V;
  3. Production project for small- and big caliber ammo producing;
  4. Production project for smokeless spherical gun-powder plant;
  5. Production project for 60, 81,82 and 120 mm mortars;
  6. Production project for all type of fuses production.

      All of the projects above could be realized by the following steps:

  • Commitment of unique technology of parts producing and assembling of the items;
  • Design of unique modification of some of these, as own registered model by the client;
  • Selection and supplying of the necessary machinery and control of their regular disposition and producing lines organizing in the machine works;
  • Specification of the materials and produce norms.
  • Education and training of the personal staff;
  • Management of the producing project for a period of min 3 months after start of the producing;
  • Development and expanding of the project on demand.

                           We already have been realizing some of the projects above and they could be realized again in short terms. Depending of customer’s desire we are ready to develop and manage other different projects, too.